HOME Talent Group isn’t your regular management agency.

We’re a boutique group with over 30 years management experience, and a stellar A-team of staff who have our back, and yours. From concept through to delivery, our vision and knowledge will take you and your career to new heights, and that’s what sets us apart. Our sheer breadth of experience and expertise is reflected in our global connections, our strong partnerships, and our intuitive awareness of media culture and relevance. Yet, we know none of that would have been possible without the humble roots of hard work and pure passion that led us here.
We work across television, film, commercial branding, paid social media and with publicity campaigns. We also create brand licensing deals for clients including licensing publishing, health, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and much more. Brand deals represent the client, and the sky is the limit for what we can achieve that’s fitting.
We have developed a number of personal TV shows for our own clients, and also regularly book onto major global reality shows. We have consulted with MTV, BBC, ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, E4, Viacom, Channel 4, and more, to find cast members for their shows. However, we truly understand what it means to be a global agency, and have also worked with ABC, Fox & CNN in the USA as well as other fantastic broadcasters in Europe, Australia and the Far East. And we don’t plan on stopping there.
Media isn’t always a screen in front of us: we’ve celebrated numerous number 1 book publishing deals for our clients as well as regularly working with the biggest media outlets to maximise full client coverage.

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